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Women's Liposuction

How Long Ago Was The Surgery?

Customer Stories

Everyone's recovery journey is different, so we invite our customers to share their journeys. Here are a few who share their journeys of recovering from surgery after liposuction.

I was given this garment after my 1 week extensive liposuction surgery. It was a God send. It made me stand up straight, it was comfortable, and it held everything in so well. The same day I received it from the doctors office, I ordered another that same day just so I could have a change out. I would not hesitate to order any other products, as a matter of fact there's one other I am currently considering. I am very pleased with my introduction to this company and there line of garments.

I have been wearing the marena recovery girdle with suspenders for two weeks now. I had abdominoplasty with liposuction of the flanks and this girdle made these two weeks much better. The compression is comfortable, I am able to use the restroom easily and my scar is untouched by the side zippers. I would recommend this girdle to anyone having this procedure done.

I bought this compression garment after I had liposuction of the abdomen and flanks. I was sent home with just an abdominal binder. It was so bulky and uncomfortable. I found this online and had it 2 day shipped. This garment fits amazing, doesn't bunch, and compresses your stomach a lot still without being uncomfortable. I'm glad i got the one with the zipper because I can't imagine how I would squeeze in it without one! The hooks on the crotch to use that bathroom easily is such a lifesaver!

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How Marena compression can help you recover with confidence

Marena Recovery liposuction garments provide the benefits of medical-grade compression. We design each garment with our medical-grade compression for targeted support so you can recover with comfortable support.

How Marena compression can help you recover with confidence
Measure Yourself

Measure Yourself

Accurate sizing is essential for proper fit and comfortable support.

Our How To Measure For A Bra video will show you how to get your 3 bust measurements for a perfect fit in our bras or camisoles.

What you need:

  1. A tape measure
  2. A mirror
  3. A notepad or phone to record measurements

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